About Crawfish

Crawfish is a red-shelled American, born and raised in the bayou of Louisiana. Crawfish was a shy little crustacean from a young age. He still hasn’t come of his shell – literally, because that would kill him, being a crawfish and all. However, Crawfish eventually found his passion for change and the American people/creaturedom. Crawfish realized this passion when he crawled into a gas station in Shreveport and asked where he could find a good plate of flapjacks in the city. He was met with blank stares. Crawfish then realized that the Every(wo)man is hesitant – nay, terrified – to speak their mind.

Race, gender, religious and political beliefs, biological genus – these things should not divide us. They should ENCOURAGE us. To speak, to join, to hold hands/claws as one and intelligently debate, but never brawl. Years and years of bureaucratic spats have categorically divided our citizens into separate schools of thought, incapable of unity, but #WeAreOne. #WeAreAllAmerica, and Crawfish believes that we can become one People again. #OneNationUnderClaws.

Crawfish doesn’t have a fancy education. He doesn’t have any Rhodes scholarships or years in a fancy columned office with official portraits lining his walls. Crawfish believes, however, that this allows him to relate strongly to the every(wo)man. Crawfish believes in being a strong voice of reason among all political parties, because Crawfish believes that identifying entirely with one party is just silly. We are one party – the Party of the American People.

In his spare time, Crawfish enjoys swimming, cooking (but not being cooked), going to the farmer’s market, a good match of water polo, morning yoga classes, and catching up on television. He thoroughly enjoys Game of Thrones, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not a strong advocate for women’s rights!

Crawfish is a brilliant mind with a consistent record of being a crawfish.

Are you?


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